Class Description:

Above the Belt: Challenge all upper body muscle groups for an intense 20 minutes, with exercises sure to increase strength and muscular endurance.

BEAST: A class designed to bring out your inner athlete by working strength training, explosive sport specific movements, and core strength.

KB & Core: This kettle bell and core class will take you through a variety of movements all designed to develop strength, mobility, internal energy, work capacity and vitality.

Cycle Core: A high intensity hybrid cycling class that involves interval training, using varying resistance and speeds, with a core busting twist.

Morning Ride: A great way to get your morning started with a cardio-based cycling class.

Power Yoga: Work up a sweat and clear your mind of racing thoughts as you move throughout class to inspiring tunes. Learn proper alignment and breathing techniques for maximum results. You’ll be sure to leave this yoga class feeling challenged yet relaxed.

Rip-n-Ride: Improve your cardiovascular condition, increase muscle tone, and have fun in this heart racing cycling class mixed with free-weight toning exercises.

The Low Down: An all lower body 20 min segment that is designed to challenge muscles groups such as the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Varied Velocity:  This functional fitness class includes varied strength and cardio movements at a high intensity all while strengthening small and large muscle groups, as well as your core.

Weight Training: Build muscle and burn fat with this strength focused workout. This 8-week program will focus on each muscle group and fine-tuning lifting skills and form.

Yoga: A class for individuals looking for a way to reduce tension and increase flexibility.

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